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Paige: (pointing at door to Preservation lab) "Do you have a key to get in?"
me: "Yes. I don't know where everybody went, though. They all left together."
Paige: "They all went to par-tay!"
me: (laugh) "I thought you said 'potty.'"
Paige: (laugh) "Poop!"

Yes, we're five.


Carol: (on phone) "Sophie's in here." (to Sophie) "Do you want to talk to your uncle Trey?"
Sophie: (in background) "Trey? Okay."
Carol: (to Sophie) "Alright, here you go."
Sophie: (on phone) "Hi Uncle Trey!"
me: "Hello!"
Sophie: "Do you have Ebola?"

She's ten.


Elizabeth: "How's your foot doing?"
me: "Still sucks."
Elizabeth: "Aw, I'm sorry. At least tell me that you did something exciting to hurt it."
me: "Um, carrying a box of stuff for Goodwill down the stairs?"
Elizabeth: "No, that doesn't count."

Believe me, it was quite a trip.


Nicci: (watching Mission to Mars on TV) "Does Mars have gravity?"
me: "Did you really just ask that question?"
Nicci: "Yes."
Whit: "It has no atmosphere, but it does have gravity."

That's it; you're not allowed to watch Cosmos anymore.


Suzanne: "I am only going for you."
Ann: "Oh, I'm sorry to make you do that."
Suzanne: "With my paper towel to gather more quiche."

I have no idea what that conversation meant, but it sounded pretty damn poetic.


Jess: "This may not be it, though. I might get a half-plate of nachos later."
Alex: "Maybe you should wait until you've finished what you've got now before you go planning on more food later."
Jess/Chris/Lisa: (laugh)
Alex: "You're still working on your salad, and you haven't even touched your wrap yet."
me: "She's holding out for a gyro... Sorry."
Jess/Alex/Chris: (laugh/groan)
Lisa: "Is she holding out till the end of the night?"
me: "Exactly."

Chris then asked if it had to be strong, fast, and fresh, and then David Copperfield floated across the room.


me: "We hung out last time I was there, almost got drowned by a thunderstorm on Long Island on my birthday, which was fun..." (laugh) "But yeah, we pretty much have sporadic contact these days."
Sara: (on phone) Did you just say you have a sporadic cockfight?"
me: "Sporadic contact."
Sara: (laugh) "Oh."
me: "Although Sporadic Cockfight is totally my new band name."

Tonight, opening for Spontaneous Cum-bustin'.


It's that time again. That is, time for me to do the happy dance and say, quite proudly, that I just finished writing a novel. Again. It's a really good feeling. There's still some proofreading of the last few chapters to be done, and yes, it's only the first draft, but dammit, I did it. 228,235 words, which clocks it in as shorter than the first book, though probably not as much as I expected.

As I mentioned in this entry, I was pretty sure I wouldn't make my goal of getting all three books done and out in published form by 2013, even though that had been my intention when I started writing. The reason for that is that the main narrative spans from 1983 to 1993, with an epilogue in 2013. But things happened, life got in the way, and I could only write as fast as I could and do it well. If I'd forced it, things wouldn't have come out the way they needed to.

But I did make it a personal goal to at least finish Book 3 before the end of 2013, just so I could say that I did. And I did, so that makes me happy. If you're confused by the numbering, that's understandable: Books 1 and 3 deal with mostly the same set of characters, whereas Book 2 is an anthology of short stories focusing on people who are only peripheral characters in the other two volumes. So it made more sense to write 1 and 3 first, then go back and do Book 2.

So that's what's next on the horizon. I have no idea how long that book will be or how long it will take to finish, but I'm hoping it will be shorter than the others. This one is going to be even more of an undertaking; the feel of it will be quite different. Again, that's why I saved it for last. Maybe I can have it finished before the end of next year. That's a goal, right?




I wonder if LJ has stopped being a butt and will actually let me embed a video this time.



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